Compare All The Low Rate Credit Cards In The Uk

So you are stuck in a credit card with an interest rate that keeps moving up. If you want to move to a card that has a more reasonable rate, then you are at the right place. The UK Credit Card Centre promotes a variety of credit card that have low interest rates associated with them.

We all use credit cards. The ease and convenience of credit cards is part of everyone’s financial day to day activities. So it’s obvious that we all want to reduce our costs associated with the use of credit cards. Although there are many way to reduce your credit card costs, the easiest way is to apply and qualify for a low rate credit card. You can save hundreds each month with a low rate card. When you transfer credit card balances from one card to another to take advantage of low introductory or promotional rates can result in significant reduction in interest or finance charges. Similarly, financing purchases with low introductory or promotional purchase rates can result in significant interest savings. At the UK Credit Card Centre, we offer many credit cards with low interest and low APR rates.

The MBNA 6.7% American Express credit card offers a low 6.7% rate on your purchases, balance transfers, and money transfers. Plus this without fees (transfer must be made within first 60 days). With the MBNA 6.7% American Express you also get access to a fantastic rewards programme where you earn when you spend. Redeem rewards for flights, cash, shopping vouchers and much more. Find out more about the MBNA 6.7% American Express Credit Card.

The Barclaycard Simplicity Credit Card is another example of a low rate, low interest credit card targeting the UK market. Barclaycard, a leader in the UK credit card market, offers the Simplicity card with a very low 7.8% interest rate. So if you’re tired of having to find a new credit card each time the promotional offer on your current card ends, let us make life simpler for you. This card offers one low rate – 7.8%, applies to every purchase and/or balance transfer you make. The Barclaycard Simplicity card not only offers a low rate, but also unparalleled benefits including Identity Protection Service, safe shopping with Fraud Protection, purchase delivery protection, emergency help when traveling abroad, and great holiday deals with our Travel Service. Learn more about the Barclaycard Simplicity Credit Card.

To wrap up our discussion on low rate, low fee credit cards in the UK, we decided to include the MBNA Rate for Life Visa Card. This card offers a promotional low rate on balance transfers and money transfers – 5.9% for the life of the balance. This card is ideal for rearranging your finances and consolidating loans. This promotional rate does come with a 2% transfer fee. To learn more about the MBNA Rate for Life Visa Card.

Like all credit card decisions, you need to take the time to understand the interest rates and fees associated with each of the card. To find out more, please visit the UK Credit Card Centre

 At the UK Credit Card Centre our primary purpose is to provide personal financial solutions. Choosing the credit card that is best for you is rather simple. What’s not simple is the effort that is needed. That’s where we come in, we provide the tools and information necessary to help you find the credit card that is right for you. Visit our site to find out more, UK Credit Card Centre.…