Day Trading vs Swing Trading

Swing trading and day trading are both active trading practices which require different strategies, techniques, and money management. Many times the tools they use are different. However, NetPicks offers indicators that can do both or just focus on swing trading.

We all know that day trading can be a full-time job and that you hold positions for very short times. The main advantage to this is that you don’t have to worry about holding positions overnight. Then, you are often flush with cash in the morning ready to jump when an opportunity presents itself. Although, your trading costs will be higher as you place more trades and you will make smaller profits on each trade compared to swing trading.

Now if you can deal with the anxiety of holding positions overnight and maybe waking up to a loss or the market moving against your position, then swing trading may be for you. This is how it works. You capture very large moves, potentially making huge profits on these moves. You only place a few trades a week and you don’t have to watch the market all the time. Every trade you enter has a stop and target already placed so you know ahead of time what your risk is. You don’t have to trade full-time and it really can take only 10 minutes a day.

So before you decide whether swing trading or day trading is right for you, answer the following questions.

1. Do you have the time to day trade?
2. If you’re holding a position over night or for days, will you have the ability to sleep and not worry about the trade?
3. Can you let the swing trades move to their targets and not close them early?
4. How much money do you have to start trading and are you looking to add an income stream or just grow your nest egg over time?
5. Finally, how much risk are you comfortable with?

Now that you have your answers in hand, let’s take a look at our systems and see how they can work for you. With The Seven Summits Trader (SST), you can look at the markets in the evening and place some trades. You have your stops and targets in place and you just wait till the morning to see how many targets you have reached. When you reach your first target, you move your stop on the remaining position to break even. That’s it, check back later that day and see if you hit any more targets. Move that final stop up to lock in more profit and you are done.

If you can sleep well that first night, then swing trading is for you. Remember, once you hit your first target you have locked in profit and have Zero risk on the trade. You can also trade the UST in the Forex market with as little as ,000. However, don’t expect to make 0 a day. You should only risk 1% -2% per trade.

The Ultimate Swing Trader was designed originally for the Forex, although we have recently released UST modules specifically for Stock and Futures trading. In my opinion, it is by far the easiest and most simple system you will ever see. The fact that it works so well and is so easy to use makes it a diamond in the rough. We show you the trades every night so you are never alone in your decision and it helps you learn the 10% art of trading even faster. Let me sum it up this way.

If I could load the indicators on your charts in less than 5 minutes, teach you the entire strategy in another 10 minutes, and you could look at your charts and compare them with the nightly update later that evening, what would you say? My guess is, show me how!

With the Seven Summits Trader (SST) or the High Velocity Market Master you can day trade, swing trade, or some combination of both. These systems are in fact universal. These systems work on every market out there and you change nothing but the symbol. How is that for simplicity? You will need to have between ,000 and ,000 to trade some markets so this is also something to consider when deciding on day or swing trading.

Like all our systems the SST and the HVMM come with full support from the NetPicks’ team. We offer live videos on day trading crude oil, soy beans, the Dow, the NASDAQ, Treasuries, Bonds, Stocks and ETF’s, not to mention live trade rooms with the Dax, Forex, and Futures. In the live rooms, you are able to watch the market and signals alongside our trained coach.

The coach walks you through every trade. How is that for training?! If someone could hold your hand on your very first live money trade, talk you through moving your stop as you lock in profit or tell you hold firm as the trade takes heat, then the whole room cheers as we hit target, you know you are not alone, we are right with you. I think it’s the best way to learn the system and grow your confidence as a trader. I say it is priceless.

 I tell clients the SST or HVMM is for day traders, but we have people all over the world who also use it as a swing trading system. Again, all you do is change the time frame of the chart and you are swing trading. The last video I did on 4 stocks and 4 ETF’s had win rates north of 70%. Truly amazing when you consider we go to a 233 tick chart and then day trade the same stock. You will need to have between ,000 and ,000 to trade some markets so this is also something to consider when deciding on day or swing trading.

At NetPicks we teach more than just the system and strategy. We attack the Achilles heal of most traders, the psychological, money management aspects of trading that are crucial to any traders success. Risk management is key in both swing and day trading and we focus on that so that you learn from past mistakes and don’t wipe out another account.

The road to growing your account is never a straight line, but with our plan, strategy and training, you will succeed as long as you are able to take the next trade. So swing or day trading, we are there with you every step of the way.

Netpicks: premiere dynamic online trading systems for Forex, eMini, Dax Futures and more. Dedicated to maximizing your trading potential with proven swing trading and day trading systems, veteran coaching support, and ongoing training.

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